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Kama Sutra: Sexual Aids & Dildos… WHAT?

Kama Sutra

Lovers in ancient times had a responsibility one to another for sexual satisfaction, and lovemaking. In one of the world’s oldest sexual manuals the Kama Sutra, (“Kama” meaning love and desire, and “Sutra” meaning threading) it is said that lovemaking is a sacred duty between a man and a woman. It was taught within the natures of love, and a deep part of the culture, and as a way of life. Unlike what we are taught in today’s society. We are conditioned to feel shame, guilt and insecurity because of our natural sexual progression and sexual desire.

SensualFoodieChaiTeaSpices-1024x622During the 3rd century there was no such thing as an under orgasmic woman. A husband who was unable to satisfy his lover or his wife was to make every effort to remedy the situation. For a man’s inability to satisfy his wife was not part of the culture, and he must make every provision necessary that would either obtain his erection or encourage his wife’s sexual pleasure. Sages, and/or medicine men and women would prepare elixirs and aphrodisiacs with foods, herbs, and spice mixtures. Some consisted of goats milk, fennel, licorice, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, almonds, honey, and ghee to strengthen the unfortunate man’s man muscle, and stimulate his sexual desire. If these elixirs weren’t bringing about the desired sexual results in a timely manner he was to remedy the sexually unfortunate situation with foreplay, oral sex or an artificial penis. Yes, you heard it right, a DILDO! He was to skillfully use an artificial penis to give sexual pleasure to his wife. This verse gives instruction to an artificial penis to be used to bring women to orgasmic delight and sexual satisfaction.

Gold Vibrator 2“The man who is utterly unable to achieve an erection should pleasure his wife/lover with a phallus crafted from materials like gold, silver, copper, iron, ivory or horn. The artificial phallus should be shaped to your natural proportions. It will be more arousing for the lady if the outside is studded with a profusion of large, smooth nodules” ( Kama Sutra: Part 7, Chapter 1, Sutras 4–8).

Ooooh, it sounds like these studs and nodules was meant for more vaginal stimulation and arousal upon entry and during penetration. Oh my! Who knew? Here we thought we were sexually advanced in the art of sexual novelties and stimulation, and ancient lovers created methods , means and artifacts to keep a woman happy and sexually satisfied in ancient times!

Black IntimacyFor those you who are sexually frustrated because of your belief that using sexual aids is prohibited. Give yourself permission to experience sexual aids, sexual pleasure, and it’s wonderful release with sexual innovation, and intervention. Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself with a wonderful dong, dildo, and/or vibrator that can make your love life increase in sexual happiness, and orgasmic pleasure. Men love your woman enough to move pass your ego and let her become sexually satisfied until your beautiful man muscle is putting in work at optimal performance. Remember, a happy wife means a happy life!

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The Honey Diva

Love and The Spirit of Intuition

Beautiful 1Photo credit: Maximushka

Do you know how many of us ask our spirit intuition a question and don’t trust in the answer? Your intuition is your sweet sacred spot of divine knowing. It’s a gateway to your higher self. It’s that whisper that signals your heart. Many of us ignore it because it’s not often times practical. Your spirit intuition works as a  life coach, psychic or oracle. Your spirit intuition is just that “Your inner oracle.” Its your GUIDE! It moves from question to solution in 0 to 5 seconds and it comes as a feeling, a hunch, a nudge, a word or a thought in your spirit.

Our bodies are energy conduits and receives messages from our MOST HIGH source when we are tapped in and wired for sound. Meditation is a great way to develop your capacity for connecting to spirit intuition. Feeding and nourishing our bodies with organic live whole foods is also a great source of energizing and intensifying our senses, making us more sensitive to receiving our answers and messages.

Our senses is how our spirit intuition speaks to us. It’s through sight and vision often times in our dreams. Certain smells and aromas can spark thoughts. The art of touch, the laying of hands holds and transfers energy. The ability to hear with our hearts and spirits brings on feelings and empathic energy. Speaking and channeling communication from our spirit selves, and even communicating with our ancestors, or celestial beings brings messages of direction. This form of communication can move and motivate us to higher aspirations and elevated levels of love and experience. Thorough the transmission of our senses is how we are giving the ability to communicate with our higher selves. It’s often times what we call GOD and/or GODDESS.

One of the many reasons we find ourselves in bad situations and many toxic and love less relationships is because in many cases we never ask our spirit intuition for help or guidance. We may have even gotten a nudge, a hunch, a vision, a word and/or a sign of some kind and ignored it all together. However, our spirit of intuition is very powerful and is our deepest connection to TRUTH in our inner and outer worlds.

Try this: If you have a decision to make then imagine the two alternatives. Step into the first option, imagine it in your mind. What do you see? feel? hear? sense? believe? What are your thoughts in that moment? If you feel lightness, peace and joy then TRUST YOURSELF! This is a good choice for you. If you feel fear, hesitation, and that strong feeling in the pit of your stomach that signals something isn’t right then TRUST YOURSELF! This may not be the best choice for you!

You can also do the same when dating. Spirit intuition works better than any dating site. We can tap into this portal of sacred guidance whenever we open our hearts and replace fear with love.

Try this: Before going on a first date write down your date’s name and place your hand over it. Close your eyes and do a short meditation and quiet your mind. Now, ask yourself… “Is this person good for my spirit?” Ask to feel their energy. If the energy you feel of the person makes you smile and you become light hearted and happy, that’s a YES from your spirit intuition. Your higher self is telling you that this person will be a loving presence in your life. If the energy you feel revs up your sexual nature, and elevates thoughts of sensual, sexual touch that’s telling you what the focus of this relationship will be. Look forward to having great sexual experiences. Oooh, la, la!

If the energy feels bad and is in the pit of your stomach and you feel anxious, or nauseous, and get a feeling that is uncomfortable or uneasy, cancel the date. If you don’t feel a warm loving energy in your heart, that resonates through your body while picturing and feeling this person’s energy, this probably won’t be a FULL filling or productive relationship on any account. The spirit of intuition operates from a space of  LOVE.

So, when you ask – ask specifically, ask with LOVE and without expectation, ask without projecting fear or negative emotions, and ask like you expect to receive an answer! You will hear that internal voice that sounds much like YOU! Now, all you have to do is LISTEN and OBEY to what LOVE has to say.

“Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.” (Luke, 11:7)

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The Sacred Prostitute and Her Divine Pussy

The Sacred Prostitute, the skilled COURTESAN.  She is synonymous to the GEISHA of Japan. She is known as a paid companion that pays amorous attention to wealthy men. She is generally associated with wealthy, powerful, or upper-class men who provides luxuries and status in exchange for her companionship. She is well-educated and a financially independent woman. She is trained and well versed in languages, art, dance, music, and entertaining men of high court, this means well to do and often times royalty. She reads and recites poetry and may also be educated in politics and the art of war.  She is clever, gifted in speech, dialect and words. She has been known to be a muse, bringing inspiration to her companions. She can ignite men’s passion and desire. Setting his soul a fire with restlessness only to be soothed by her company. She is a High Priestess of Love and Sexuality. Her energy and personality are intoxicating. 

She adorns herself with the beauty of  jewelry, soft fabrics, and surrounds herself with romantic gestures of sensuality, and laces herself with perfumed oils that are sure to entice. She prides herself in cleanliness and her home is filled with sweet aromas and luxurious comforts. She is gifted in the area of spices and sensual cuisine, known to feed her lovers heart and appetite. Her bedroom is a relaxing retreat that replenishes the body and soul. It’s a temple that honors love. But, most of all she is exceptionally trained in sexual love, attraction, aphrodisiacs, seduction, fertility, metaphysics and sexual healing.  Oh, how I love her!

She is known today as an escort, call girl, whore, ho and prostitute. The word “PROSTITUTE” has now been given a negative connotation. It is misguided and believed to be associated with levels of sexual disgust, shame and immorality. Believe it or not it was common place for the women of the ancient and historical world to understand sexual protocol for their lovers, husbands and use it as a means of influence, leverage, balance and even justice.

Many historical women of the Holy Bible used their sexual prowess to entice, and allure men into persuasion and change. As in the story of Naomi and Ruth. Ruth’s attraction and sexual persuasion led them into the King’s court and palace in which Ruth married the King Boaz and birthed him a son, a royal heir, and in turn Ruth saved her and her mother in law, Naomi from a life of destitute and peril (Ruth 3:1-18 & 4:1-12).

There is the story of Sampson and Delilah. Delilah who was led and charged by political assignment to use her sexual attraction, power and persuasion to lead Sampson into a vulnerable position, where she seized his power and strength for the advancement of her people by cutting away his hair symbolizing his sacrament, atonement and sacred honor with his creative force (Judges 16:1-21).

Esther known as the most beautiful woman in the world enchanted the King by using her beauty, feminine power and intellect to save her people from onslaught and genocide. These Holy Women are known as what we would call them today, “Whores!” There are countless accounts of women knowing and using their feminine power of persuasion and sexual influence to change the dynamics of political, financial and social agendas (Esther: Chapters 2 thru 9).

The power of the “SACRED PROSTITUTE” her mystic, her sexuality, her practice, worship, religious rites of passage and her influence were regarded as holy and set apart because of the sacred sexual wisdom imparted into her subject or suitor. One did not become DIVINE or at-one (atone) until consecration of sacred marriage it was only through a women, through her sacred temple could a man of GOD become divine.

High Priest were known to consecrate with a sacred prostitute or temple prostitute as the gateway into the sacred GOD mysteries. The womb was revered as sacred, all knowing, life giving wisdom. One of the most important mysteries to humanity is that of birth. Birth, fertility and sexual attraction are key elements in the survival of a family, race and generational descent. This was held in the highest of honor. Ultimately, making woman GOD herself. This was the sacred rite of the High Priest and was the only way into spiritual initiation and union. He had to be blessed by the Goddess, by the Temple Prostitute.

Persuasion and it’s ability to influence is through the art of seduction and the craft within our feminine mystic. These women, these sacred whores of old understood this art form and have passed it down to a few of us who still honor it’s wisdom and maintain it’s authority. Seduction doesn’t  always equate to SEX . However, sex is the influence of the highest order. Let us understand our creative power in FULL as women, as sexual beings. Let us use our sexual prowess and mystic for good and not for matters of deception and abuse. Let us honor the SACRED WHORE within. Give YOURSELF and your PUSSY praise. Let us say AMEN and AWOMEN! 

For more sensual sacred information concerning this topic listen to “Sacred Ho & Sacred Gigolo Show” featuring  The Honey Diva and Doc Mutwasze “The Messenger”. Also, read Merlin Stone’s book “When GOD Was a Woman.” She describes the historic religion of the Goddess. This book literally changed my life and my perception of the Sacred Whore, Goddess Wisdom and Worship.  

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THE BED CHAMBER: Your Love Sanctuary

Creating a romantic environment in the bedroom is essential to good lovemaking. You deserve a bed chamber fit for royalty. It should represent your unique style, and inspire romance and intimacy. The bedroom is a relaxing retreat that replenishes the body and soul. It’s the temple that honors love. Because in the bedroom that’s where the sexual magic happens. That’s where you are the STAR!

Clear the clutter. There is nothing less sexy than piles of stuff such as books, mail, and clothes drowning out your sanctuary. Your bedroom is not a trash can or junk drawer. It’s the space that you and your lover rely on for rest, relaxation, and romance. No one will be in the mood for good sex or any sex if you have to clear piles of dirty laundry before getting into the bed.

The first step to setting the mood is creating the right kind of ambiance and inspiring passion. Sensual art promotes love and sensual wellness. Wall hangings of romantic couples or sexy paintings speak to your conscious and your soul. Photographs of family members in the bedroom are a NO, NO! It’s hard to be romantic with Mom, Dad, your deceased Uncle, or favorite Aunt, or even the kids staring at you while you’re getting it on. Get rid of the family photos. They have no place in the bedroom where the freaky deaky satisfaction is happening

Create inviting soft fabrics, such as silks, colorful sashes and soft egyptian cotton sheets. Include large and small throw pillows and feathertop bedding for comfort to give the bed some personality and bring in an accent color. Soothing colors are just right for relaxation such as;  neutral earth tones, pale blue, pale green, gold, burgundy, hints of orange are colors of romance.  Another option, which will give you an ultra-romantic look, is attaching a canopy from the ceiling. Stay away from an all black color scheme. Remember, you want your bed space to attract the love you want. The energy of color and fabric is very significant in attracting the love you want. Make sure it looks inviting.

Lighting can make your room sexier. It should be soft and subtle. Simply placing red handkerchiefs or colored shades over lamps can help you create a more romantic vibe.

Scented candles are another way to create the mood and set the scene for love. Sensual aromas such as sandalwood, amber & vanilla, cinnamon, and rose create a pampered atmosphere that intrigue the senses and inspire romance.

Mirrors are a sexy consideration if you enjoy voyeurism. Looking at yourself while making love can be so arousing. Watching your lover as you please and tease can make a dull love life new and exciting.

Keep a romantic ambiance by placing  bouquets of fresh flowers on the nightstands. For special occasions, you can scatter rose petals on the floor and bed.

Let your bedroom environment represent how you feel about your sharing your most intimate self with the one you love. Make your bedroom your sensual sanctuary. Only then will you begin to attract the lovin’ you desire and deserve. Now, come on and invite love to spend the night.

Want to learn more about creating your sacred bedroom space read “The Sacred Bedroom” by Jon Robertson. This book is filled with ways and ideas to assist you in creating a sanctuary for spirituality, sexuality and solace.

For all of your boudoir sexcessories visit our website at Honey Luv Lingerie & More “The Romance Store” Like us on Facebook  and follow us on Twitter @TheHoneyDiva. For your sensual soul listen to HoneySoul Radio every Tuesday evening on Blog Talk Radio. Live in the sensual and love in the delicious. 


The Bedroom is Off Limits

 We want to supply a little inspiration for a way to spice things up with your man, take a tour of the house. Shut the bedroom door and get frisky in the living room, shower, kitchen, even the laundry room…

In the Kitchen

Remember how much you gushed over having all of that counter space when you moved into your new apartment. Use it, girl! The kitchen offers a wide variety of angles to get things cooking and keep things HOT! Lean over the counter front-ways and have your man approach you from behind. This kind of entry offers him great access to your G-spot and gives him the freedom to reach around and pleasure you with his hands.

In the Living Room

Another venue with plenty of options, the living room has so much to offer any randy couple looking to get out of the bedroom. The plushness of the couch cushions, the firmness of the floor and the sturdiness of the coffee table all add up to one amazing sexual encounter. Because there’s so many options to choose from in the living room, we recommend a lot of position switching.

In the Laundry Room

Maybe it’s the smell of just-washed delicates that turns us on so much. Or maybe it’s because the laundry room is where dirty things get clean. Whatever it is, we love taking the laundry room for a spin every now and then. Just like our clothes, we always come out feeling like new. There’s really only one way to get it on in the laundry room. Take your clothes off slowly and place each item in the washing machine until you’re absolutely naked. Then sit on top of the dryer and turn that baby on to high spin. It’ll be like having your own vibrating bed.

In the Shower

The warm splash and trickle of water on your skin from the shower combined with the cold hard feeling of the bathroom tiles against your back allow you to explore how texture can heighten your senses for a more explosive sexual experience. We’ve tried a few methods and found that having sex in the shower is best when your back is pressed against the wall with your man’s hips pressed against yours and one of your legs wrapped around his pelvis. The downside of the shower is that the water tends to interfere with your own natural flow and can cause dryness and uncomfortable friction. Bring in some backup. We like Wet Synergy Silicone lubricant for the shower because it’s a little thicker and slicker than your average lubricant so it stands up to the water no matter how high the pressure.

The Car

When we’re looking for a sexual challenge we head to the car. Never the most comfortable sexual experience, sex in the car makes us feel like we’ve worked extra hard for our orgasms and the semi-outdoors feel of vehicular ecstasy appeals to our inner-exhibitionist. First, if you’re not going to get frisky in your own garage, make sure you find an area that is safe and where you know you won’t get a knock on your window from the neighborhood police. Next, take your lovemaking to the back seat for more room. Take him for a ride he will never forget!

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