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Your Orgasm Is Your Responsibility! Say What?

Touch yourself

How many women and men feel it’s alright to self pleasure (masturbate) while in a relationship? Or do you feel your sexual pleasure is the full responsibility of your lover? Did you know you are 90% responsible for your orgasm? Yes, and the other 10% is based on attraction, visual aesthetics, environment and other stimulating factors.

I’ve come to terms with my pleasure being my responsibility with or without my lover.  It’s my orgasm and I own it!  Now, I do enjoy our intimacy, and the warmth of his body, and every stimulating touch and deep stroke. Yes, I do, and because I do I relieve him of always having to be available to my pleasure, and allow him time to restore himself for those times I need and crave him the most, which is often enough. Plus, self pleasure is just oh so healthy, and a form of self love that I can’t deny myself the opportunity, nor the pleasure to touch myself, and to enjoy and experience all of me in full orgasmic abundance.  I would hate to put all of the responsibility of my orgasm on my lover. I want no pressure on his part when it comes to pleasing me! It can be quite overwhelming, and extremely pressing on the relationship as a whole, depending on your lover for your total orgasmic sensations. I want him to desire me, because his need for me has arisen from the deep recesses of his soul, and his scrotum, not because he feels obligated to do me, because it’s his duty, or my right. Hell, to the naw! 

Finding pleasure and joy with myself is a great way to celebrate me, and feed myself, and build my love arsenal in order to have some more good lovin’ to share. Sexually stimulating and pleasuring myself opens me up to new feelings of desire, and awakens my sexual energy, my joy, my fantasy and my creativity. I utilize my self pleasure as a sex magic ritual. Breathing, and meditating. Visualizing a higher love. Releasing moans of oooh’s, om’s and ahhh’s while speaking to the lover in me. Calling forth the love I deserve and desire in building our relationship forward. It’s a great way to reaffirm my love for myself, and my role as a desirable woman. It’s confirmation that I’m alive and a sensual, loving and sexual being, FULL of juicy goodness in the center of my knowing, in the center of my sweet spot. Don’t deny your pleasures. Self pleasure creates access to a whole new world available to you. It’s opens portals to your abundance, and increases your love bank giving you more than enough to share as your pleasure cup runneth over. You and your lover can let go of your inhibitions, and experience multiple orgasmic sensations that reach a higher level of awareness with no shame, no guilt, just intimacy, and ecstasy. Raise some pressure up off your relationship. Touch yourself, and think about how beautiful you are in the moment. There’s love, healing  and expansion there. Men know this! It’s an unwritten rule. They believe in stroking themselves when we aren’t around ladies, and we should too!

Tracey R. Bryant is a sensual woman, lover, Mother and G-Mama known as “The Honey Diva”. She is a Self Love and Sensual Empowerment Coach, of Honey Luv Lingerie & More “The Romance Store. and Feminine Health and Womb Wellness Practitioner of Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness . She loves all things feminine and sensual and she believes that feminine wellness, and creativity resides in the healing and balance of the Divine Feminine, “the Womb.” She is the hostess of HoneySoul Radio  a Love, Sex and Soul online radio show. She can be contacted at thehoneydiva1@gmail.com


Orgasms are so much more than feeling. The link between orgasm, spirituality and sexuality is illuminated energy. Orgasmic energy travels up the spine through chakra transmissions. Life force is known as orgasmic energy, kundalini, and /or chi. This energy flows freely through all seven energy centers that are illuminated and energized by your orgasm. As orgasmic energy travels upward it releases this pure divine light through the pineal gland where you experience an all over body tingling sensation.

Fasting, meditation and wholesome organic pure foods raises this energy frequency of this orgasmic energy vibration.  Have amazing full body orgasms now! Try this: Go without solid foods for one day and make love not sex, LOVE! And recognize how intense the sensation of your orgasms become. Begin having quality orgasm through the art of lovemaking and enjoy LOVE and light supreme.

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Orgasms feel so good and are lots of fun there’s no disputing that. But there is oh-so-much more to the female orgasm than we know. After that final euphoric body shaking, knees trembling experience, these are five things that you might not have known about the mysterious, multi-purpose, almighty orgasm.

They’re good for your breast. Orgasms release oxytocin. It’s the hormone that makes you feel giddy and fools you into thinking you’re in love with someone you just met a week ago? Well, oxytocin has been proven to reduce carcinogens that cause breast cancer.  So, every time you have an orgasm just remember you’re doing what you can for the health of your breasts when you get off and explode. Oh, what ecstasy.

When they hit, you feel no pain. Got a headache, cramps, recovering from an injury? Put down the pain reliever and pick up the pleasure giver. Good ‘ol oxytocin, when released after your climax, will give you about eight to ten minutes of superior pain-free relaxation. If you are in an inconvenient place to get this kind of au natural pain relief, like say, the office, studies suggest that just thinking about sex will help alleviate pain. WOW!

Hiccups be gone.  A Nobel Prize winning scientist accidentally discovered a foolproof cure for hiccups. I will spare you the unsavory details, but the there was a person who couldn’t stop hiccuping for 72 hours. What is important is that an orgasm results in stimulation of the vagus nerve and that makes hiccups stop. This sounds so much more fun than trying to do that stupid thing where you drink water upside down. I don’t care what anyone says, it doesn’t work.

They are like fine wine. Ok, so we know we’re supposed to reach this sexual peak in our ‘30s (or is it our 40s?). But then what? A downward spiral into a less orgasmic existence? Not so fast! According to one study, orgasms get better with age. A study found that the quality and frequency of orgasm actually increase with age. The percentage of women who reported experiencing orgasms during sex increased a full ten percent from age 18 to age 50.  The great thing about sex after 50 is through life experience one knows what they’ve learned to enjoy, and for the most part they are able to express it.  Plus good sex makes one feel vibrant and young. Well, that gives us something to look forward to besides retirement.

They are genetic. If having an orgasm is difficult for you, don’t get mad at your vibrator or your lover, you may want to blame your parents. A women’s ability to achieve orgasm is partially determined by her genetics. Whether it’s anatomical, physiological, or psychological is unclear. Of course, other factors like societal attitudes toward women, upbringing, and religious affiliation are also at play. But ultimately, researchers discovered that up to 45 percent of women’s differences in ability to orgasm are biological rather than social or cultural. 

Well, that’s where we come in. At a Honey Luv we feel every woman should experience orgasms. Not just an ordinary orgasm but out of this world need to re-cooperate afterwards type of orgasms, that stimulate a return appearance.  Let’s hear it for the Big “O”.  

~ via The Frisky

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