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Your Orgasm Is Your Responsibility! Say What?

Touch yourself

How many women and men feel it’s alright to self pleasure (masturbate) while in a relationship? Or do you feel your sexual pleasure is the full responsibility of your lover? Did you know you are 90% responsible for your orgasm? Yes, and the other 10% is based on attraction, visual aesthetics, environment and other stimulating factors.

I’ve come to terms with my pleasure being my responsibility with or without my lover.  It’s my orgasm and I own it!  Now, I do enjoy our intimacy, and the warmth of his body, and every stimulating touch and deep stroke. Yes, I do, and because I do I relieve him of always having to be available to my pleasure, and allow him time to restore himself for those times I need and crave him the most, which is often enough. Plus, self pleasure is just oh so healthy, and a form of self love that I can’t deny myself the opportunity, nor the pleasure to touch myself, and to enjoy and experience all of me in full orgasmic abundance.  I would hate to put all of the responsibility of my orgasm on my lover. I want no pressure on his part when it comes to pleasing me! It can be quite overwhelming, and extremely pressing on the relationship as a whole, depending on your lover for your total orgasmic sensations. I want him to desire me, because his need for me has arisen from the deep recesses of his soul, and his scrotum, not because he feels obligated to do me, because it’s his duty, or my right. Hell, to the naw! 

Finding pleasure and joy with myself is a great way to celebrate me, and feed myself, and build my love arsenal in order to have some more good lovin’ to share. Sexually stimulating and pleasuring myself opens me up to new feelings of desire, and awakens my sexual energy, my joy, my fantasy and my creativity. I utilize my self pleasure as a sex magic ritual. Breathing, and meditating. Visualizing a higher love. Releasing moans of oooh’s, om’s and ahhh’s while speaking to the lover in me. Calling forth the love I deserve and desire in building our relationship forward. It’s a great way to reaffirm my love for myself, and my role as a desirable woman. It’s confirmation that I’m alive and a sensual, loving and sexual being, FULL of juicy goodness in the center of my knowing, in the center of my sweet spot. Don’t deny your pleasures. Self pleasure creates access to a whole new world available to you. It’s opens portals to your abundance, and increases your love bank giving you more than enough to share as your pleasure cup runneth over. You and your lover can let go of your inhibitions, and experience multiple orgasmic sensations that reach a higher level of awareness with no shame, no guilt, just intimacy, and ecstasy. Raise some pressure up off your relationship. Touch yourself, and think about how beautiful you are in the moment. There’s love, healing  and expansion there. Men know this! It’s an unwritten rule. They believe in stroking themselves when we aren’t around ladies, and we should too!

Tracey R. Bryant is a sensual woman, lover, Mother and G-Mama known as “The Honey Diva”. She is a Self Love and Sensual Empowerment Coach, of Honey Luv Lingerie & More “The Romance Store. and Feminine Health and Womb Wellness Practitioner of Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness . She loves all things feminine and sensual and she believes that feminine wellness, and creativity resides in the healing and balance of the Divine Feminine, “the Womb.” She is the hostess of HoneySoul Radio  a Love, Sex and Soul online radio show. She can be contacted at thehoneydiva1@gmail.com

The Benefits of Sexercise


Photo credit: AfroerotiK

Do you think of exercise as a chore? Well, try and have more sex and incorporate that sexy feel good activity and take advantage of burning calories with a “Pleasure Workout.” Count calories burned per hour and relieve unwanted stress with each enjoyable moment. Bending, stretching, crouching and squatting have never felt this good! Sexercise produces “feel good” hormones and reduces stress and  is a natural stimulator. Realize that even 30 minutes of sexercise every day will naturally release “feel good” hormones, those endorphines that are vital to feeling confident, calm, happy and sexy. 

Check out the benefits:


Moaning….5 per moan 

Orgasm w/Vibrator…75 

Orgasm and Speaking in tongues…. a whopping 160 calories burned. 
Sex Positions:
Man on Top….20 
Woman on Top….25
Doggy Style….40

Good, Hot Streaming Sex…up to 350 calories per hour. 

Who said Making Love isn’t good for your health? Sex does a body GOOD! Whatever your mood or sensual persuasion when creating that intimate rendezvous with that sexy someone Honey Luv has all of your boudoir sexcessories. Visit our website at Honey Luv Lingerie & More “The Romance Store” Like us on Facebook  and follow us on Twitter @TheHoneyDiva. For your sensual soul listen to HoneySoul Radio every Tuesday evening on Blog Talk Radio. Live in the sensual and love in the delicious.

The WOMB: Your Sacred Seat of Divine Power

The womb is the seat of absolute divine presence and power. Your womb is your sacred spot, a gateway and portal. It is a spirit incubator. It is the mothership in which all life and spirit is transported. It is directly linked to our creativity. Our womb brings forth life on all levels of body, mind & spirit.

Sex is sacred energy being exchanged. It is energy in motion. You are generating God and Goddess energy. Because of it’s sacred significance  it is important to be conscious of whom we choose to share this divine level of sexual energy and power. As women we are absorbers, and men are releasers. When women receive a man’s release into our Womb’s with or without love, his residual emotions and energies stay in the womb for up to seven years. This can cause emotional and spiritual stagnation of a woman’s divine creativity and decrease her natural ability to desire and create prosperity. This is why many times we find it hard to shake a certain man. Not being able to release him out of our system. In many cases we haven’t allowed just one man to enter our sacred sexual space, but several. The make up of all these different energies being released and stored in our wombs has caused unconscious emotional, mental and spiritual confusion and discomfort, also leading to physical dis-ease.

To restore and reclaim one’s supreme Goddess energy one has to have an understanding of the powers of our Goddess energy. The true powers of a Woman are; Love, Grace, Compassion, Nurturing, Serving, Creativity, Goodness, Humility, Softness, Honesty, Steadfastness, Inner Strength, and Wisdom. These attributes are at it’s highest level and vibration when we become anointed with the knowledge of our womb wisdom.

We need to honor our womb wisdom with a womb cleansing, a womb healing! I want to share with you  “The Womb Sauna” for womb health and optimal womb wellness. It is designed to detox and cleanse the womb with steam and natural herbs, an ancient healing ritual that is used to bring the womb back to optimal health and balance. Contact our friend Thema Azize Serwa  she is a womb practitioner, holistic healer and creator of “The Womb Sauna.” She has assisted countless women in  removing the blockages that keep us from moving forward in our health,  our dreams, our business and our prosperity.

In January 2012 we are entering into a new moon cycle. Let us become a new womb-man and cleanse and reclaim our sacred Womb wisdom and divine energy. Join Honey Luv as we celebrate our womb empowerment and come into perfect wholeness and balance while journeying into Womb Health and Healing on Sunday, January 22, 2012 in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

For all of your boudoir sexcessories visit our website at Honey Luv Lingerie & More “The Romance Store.” Like us on Facebook  and follow us on Twitter @TheHoneyDiva. For your sensual soul listen to HoneySoul Radio every Tuesday evening on Blog Talk Radio. Live in the sensual and love in the delicious.

SEX & PREGNANCY: A Beautiful Rendezvous

There are many myths surrounding sex and pregnancy. However, sex during pregnancy can actually be most enjoyable. For some women they become very orgasmic for the first time or multi-orgasmic because of the lack of birth control. This eliminates the fear or possibility of getting pregnant because one already is…Go figure. Despite medical advancements and religious miracles aside all pregnancy starts with a sex act. Your sexual activity during pregnancy will depend on these key factors:

  • You and your partners beliefs about sex
  • Emotional state during your pregnancy
  • Any physical limitations during your pregnancy


If you and your partner are good to go on all levels then please do. Pregnancy is a great time of bonding for you and your lover, and sex is such an added bonus. Besides most men love it because of the increase in vaginal lubrication. The warm wetness  is such a turn on for men.

At some point during pregnancy women may feel large and uncomfortable. However, men generally find the pregnant body very erotic and desirable.  If you are feeling unattractive because of your body changes talk about your attitudes towards your body and sexuality. Remember, not to beat yourself up over what you cannot control.  Many times during the first and third trimester women feel less sexual because of hormonal and body changes. Communicate these feelings of what makes you feel good and what doesn’t. Discuss with your partner what is going on and what he can do to help you be sexual.

Creativity should be your keyword during pregnancy. Do whatever works. There are many sex positions that are more comfortable as your body changes and you expand. Here are some suggestions:

  • Ride Him -Woman on top
  • Spooning -Man behind woman
  • Doggy Style -Hands and Knees
  • Side Laying – with your knee pulled up
  • Oral sex -great head


Also,  more cuddling, relaxing baths, romantic dinners, massages, mutual masturbation, whatever you and your partner agree upon and discuss is exactly what you need to do. These conversations and creative sexual will lead to a more happy and fulfilling sex life and make two very happy parents.

If you want to learn more on this topic check out “Your Orgasmic Pregnancy: Little Sex Secrets Every Hot Mama Should Know” by Danielle Cavallucci & Yvonne K. Fulbright Ph.D or Nina Hartley’s Guide to Great Sex During Pregnancy (DVD).

For all of your boudoir sexcessories visit our website at Honey Luv Lingerie & More “The Romance Store” Like us on Facebook  and follow us on Twitter @TheHoneyDiva. For your sensual soul listen to HoneySoul Radio every Tuesday evening on Blog Talk Radio. Live in the sensual and love in the delicious.