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Your Orgasm Is Your Responsibility! Say What?

Touch yourself

How many women and men feel it’s alright to self pleasure (masturbate) while in a relationship? Or do you feel your sexual pleasure is the full responsibility of your lover? Did you know you are 90% responsible for your orgasm? Yes, and the other 10% is based on attraction, visual aesthetics, environment and other stimulating factors.

I’ve come to terms with my pleasure being my responsibility with or without my lover.  It’s my orgasm and I own it!  Now, I do enjoy our intimacy, and the warmth of his body, and every stimulating touch and deep stroke. Yes, I do, and because I do I relieve him of always having to be available to my pleasure, and allow him time to restore himself for those times I need and crave him the most, which is often enough. Plus, self pleasure is just oh so healthy, and a form of self love that I can’t deny myself the opportunity, nor the pleasure to touch myself, and to enjoy and experience all of me in full orgasmic abundance.  I would hate to put all of the responsibility of my orgasm on my lover. I want no pressure on his part when it comes to pleasing me! It can be quite overwhelming, and extremely pressing on the relationship as a whole, depending on your lover for your total orgasmic sensations. I want him to desire me, because his need for me has arisen from the deep recesses of his soul, and his scrotum, not because he feels obligated to do me, because it’s his duty, or my right. Hell, to the naw! 

Finding pleasure and joy with myself is a great way to celebrate me, and feed myself, and build my love arsenal in order to have some more good lovin’ to share. Sexually stimulating and pleasuring myself opens me up to new feelings of desire, and awakens my sexual energy, my joy, my fantasy and my creativity. I utilize my self pleasure as a sex magic ritual. Breathing, and meditating. Visualizing a higher love. Releasing moans of oooh’s, om’s and ahhh’s while speaking to the lover in me. Calling forth the love I deserve and desire in building our relationship forward. It’s a great way to reaffirm my love for myself, and my role as a desirable woman. It’s confirmation that I’m alive and a sensual, loving and sexual being, FULL of juicy goodness in the center of my knowing, in the center of my sweet spot. Don’t deny your pleasures. Self pleasure creates access to a whole new world available to you. It’s opens portals to your abundance, and increases your love bank giving you more than enough to share as your pleasure cup runneth over. You and your lover can let go of your inhibitions, and experience multiple orgasmic sensations that reach a higher level of awareness with no shame, no guilt, just intimacy, and ecstasy. Raise some pressure up off your relationship. Touch yourself, and think about how beautiful you are in the moment. There’s love, healing  and expansion there. Men know this! It’s an unwritten rule. They believe in stroking themselves when we aren’t around ladies, and we should too!

Tracey R. Bryant is a sensual woman, lover, Mother and G-Mama known as “The Honey Diva”. She is a Self Love and Sensual Empowerment Coach, of Honey Luv Lingerie & More “The Romance Store. and Feminine Health and Womb Wellness Practitioner of Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness . She loves all things feminine and sensual and she believes that feminine wellness, and creativity resides in the healing and balance of the Divine Feminine, “the Womb.” She is the hostess of HoneySoul Radio  a Love, Sex and Soul online radio show. She can be contacted at thehoneydiva1@gmail.com

Know Thyself: To My Own Self Be True

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I’ve had women come to me and ask, “Aren’t you lonely because you’re not in a relationship?” It puzzles me why people would feel because I’m alone, that I’m lonely. Believe me, I’m far from it. I have relationships on every level with men who are fortifying and stimulating without the partnership, the marriage, or the drama. Many women think because I’m “The Honey Diva” , a sexual empowerment coach, and love connoisseur that assist women on how to create and increase their sexual pleasure that I must have a man; better yet that I must be with a man to solidify, validate and justify my sexual teachings of female pleasure and empowerment. But, truth be told I’m so good at loving me, all of me, loving me up and down, inside and out in every way that I can right now, that I’m the only one that can do it this good. I’m in love with the exploration of ME. I learned a while ago that the average relationship isn’t for me. It’s not always an easy task to meet a man who is secure enough within himself to love, and have a relationship with me, especially in my line of work. It takes a man who knows his power, and potential and is self aware in his masculinity, as well as his femininity to understand my passion and purpose. Some may be able to tolerate it, but only for a while before he demands I change.

Some men find my sexuality, freedom, empowerment, and my voice very sexy, and supportive to their image and their ego’s however I’ve been told by a few that I’m too intense, and too sophisticated. If I was seeking validation that would have made me feel inadequate. But, my self worth won’t allow it. However, every woman loves the acceptance of a man. His sacred masculine energy brings us balance and supports our feminine nature, and our roles as women. We do depend on them for this support and encouragement.

It’s my passion to assist women in recognizing and developing their self worth, and being more than enough, and loving ourselves holistically; mind, body and soul, and it’s the very thing that some of my Sista’s use against me. Some women suspect because I’m not married, or in a committed relationship I’m not worthy to teach about the sexual arts, or how to enhance your relationship. However, the first thing that enhances any love relationship is self love. You have to have some to give some, and to get some in return.  My work is to assist women in enhancing self love, sexual pleasure and to identify, awaken and restore your personal power, sexual magnetism, and to recognize your pussy potential.  I’ve experienced intimate conversations with some very beautiful, prestigious, scholarly men who speak highly of the feminine energy and it’s Universal principle, tantra and sexual healing.  As free, and charming as some of these men are the cultural and social view of how men are conditioned to perceive women as sexual objects, versus sexual beings, and inferior to masculine energy is still very pervasive within their psyche, beliefs, values and characteristics. 

Out of frustration I’ve asked myself, “Why does my being alone, and not in a committed relationship, or in a marriage constitutes that I’m lonely, and what does that belief say about us as women when we think that way of one another? I’m supposed to be desperate because I don’t choose to be in a relationship that doesn’t nourish and fortify my essence, or my soul, just for the sake of saying I’m not alone, and “I have a man?”

That’s some old Betty Wright type shit! “A piece of man is better than no man at all.” No disrespect to “Betty Wright” or the Blues. We can learn a lot from the Blues. 

All that is superficial, and on the surface. It’s societies way of dictating to women that we are not normal if we aren’t in a committed relationship. I have to ask myself, “How committed is it if I’m not living and loving to my FULLEST feminine potential with a masculine partner that doesn’t inspire this elevation?” That means I’m no longer true to myself. I’ve come to the conclusion that I may not be the marrying type, at least not in the ways and the laws of this land.

I’ve discovered that most marriages start out in love, and then become about possession, obligation, and the ownership of the person, including their thoughts, actions and deeds. I don’t desire to have a man that I’m loving organically and holistically with my mind, body and soul as my mere possession, and vice versa. I desire something that transcends gravity and elevates beyond the 3rd dimension. I desire vulnerability, integrity, movement, sexual intensity, frequency, progression, elevation, expansion, spirituality, prosperity and surrender. Most people aren’t working on that level of manifesting LOVE, performance and companionship. I am self aware, not to be confused with being self absorbed. I know and recognize that I AM feminine energy personified, in physical form. I am fertile, creative, attractive and ever abundant. I am POWERFUL and I am the most magnetic energy on the planet and in the Universe. Why would I settle for anything less than who I am?

I LOVE men. Oooh, I love my Brotha’s. They are sexy, beautiful, smart, funny, loving, strong, protective, and that masculine swagger is oh, so fine! I love my natural ability to influence, build, entice, feed and draw them to me. That makes him ever so sexy and even more beautiful. However, in sharing myself with him I won’t reduce myself nor my desire of fulfillment, or lower my voice, nor will I cool off my pussy. My pussy is HOT, juicy, soft, wet, supple and ravenous and her dexterity needs and wants what it wants! I am the whole package, and I’m working on my issues. I’m constantly improving. So, yes I deserve the same and more. My dear Sista you do too!

Take your time of solitude to work on loving you, and becoming fully self aware, working through your issues of past hurts, and releasing old relationship wounds. Yes, ladies this means self pleasure – masturbate. Know what it is you desire physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. Romance your DAMN self! This is the only way you are going to get acquainted with you. If you look at yourself as lonely because you don’t have a mate that’s a sign of desperation, and men who prey on lonely women can smell it from a mile away. As you grow in your self awareness, and begin romancing and having a love affair with yourself your standards will increase, and the drama will cease. You will begin to attract a different quality of men. Men who want to provide, and protect you. Men who will profess their love to you and for you.

When we connect I will know him because I will transform into a new level of me, with him. I will be the yin to his yang, the fire to his ice, his inspiration to his thought, his Bonnie to his Clyde, the vision to his provision. I will be all encompassing WOMAN, and through this compliment and sacred balance I will be a better, more loving, and passionate feminine sexual being, discovering more of me in this extension of love. Yes, I’m sophisticated, intense, soft, bold, voluptuous, intelligent, knowledgeable, loving, sensual, compassionate and sharp. However, I am far from being alone especially when I know exactly what it is I deserve. Now, chew on that for a minute and tell me how it taste. “Know Thyself!”  To your own self  BE true.

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The Honey Diva

The Sacred Prostitute and Her Divine Pussy

The Sacred Prostitute, the skilled COURTESAN.  She is synonymous to the GEISHA of Japan. She is known as a paid companion that pays amorous attention to wealthy men. She is generally associated with wealthy, powerful, or upper-class men who provides luxuries and status in exchange for her companionship. She is well-educated and a financially independent woman. She is trained and well versed in languages, art, dance, music, and entertaining men of high court, this means well to do and often times royalty. She reads and recites poetry and may also be educated in politics and the art of war.  She is clever, gifted in speech, dialect and words. She has been known to be a muse, bringing inspiration to her companions. She can ignite men’s passion and desire. Setting his soul a fire with restlessness only to be soothed by her company. She is a High Priestess of Love and Sexuality. Her energy and personality are intoxicating. 

She adorns herself with the beauty of  jewelry, soft fabrics, and surrounds herself with romantic gestures of sensuality, and laces herself with perfumed oils that are sure to entice. She prides herself in cleanliness and her home is filled with sweet aromas and luxurious comforts. She is gifted in the area of spices and sensual cuisine, known to feed her lovers heart and appetite. Her bedroom is a relaxing retreat that replenishes the body and soul. It’s a temple that honors love. But, most of all she is exceptionally trained in sexual love, attraction, aphrodisiacs, seduction, fertility, metaphysics and sexual healing.  Oh, how I love her!

She is known today as an escort, call girl, whore, ho and prostitute. The word “PROSTITUTE” has now been given a negative connotation. It is misguided and believed to be associated with levels of sexual disgust, shame and immorality. Believe it or not it was common place for the women of the ancient and historical world to understand sexual protocol for their lovers, husbands and use it as a means of influence, leverage, balance and even justice.

Many historical women of the Holy Bible used their sexual prowess to entice, and allure men into persuasion and change. As in the story of Naomi and Ruth. Ruth’s attraction and sexual persuasion led them into the King’s court and palace in which Ruth married the King Boaz and birthed him a son, a royal heir, and in turn Ruth saved her and her mother in law, Naomi from a life of destitute and peril (Ruth 3:1-18 & 4:1-12).

There is the story of Sampson and Delilah. Delilah who was led and charged by political assignment to use her sexual attraction, power and persuasion to lead Sampson into a vulnerable position, where she seized his power and strength for the advancement of her people by cutting away his hair symbolizing his sacrament, atonement and sacred honor with his creative force (Judges 16:1-21).

Esther known as the most beautiful woman in the world enchanted the King by using her beauty, feminine power and intellect to save her people from onslaught and genocide. These Holy Women are known as what we would call them today, “Whores!” There are countless accounts of women knowing and using their feminine power of persuasion and sexual influence to change the dynamics of political, financial and social agendas (Esther: Chapters 2 thru 9).

The power of the “SACRED PROSTITUTE” her mystic, her sexuality, her practice, worship, religious rites of passage and her influence were regarded as holy and set apart because of the sacred sexual wisdom imparted into her subject or suitor. One did not become DIVINE or at-one (atone) until consecration of sacred marriage it was only through a women, through her sacred temple could a man of GOD become divine.

High Priest were known to consecrate with a sacred prostitute or temple prostitute as the gateway into the sacred GOD mysteries. The womb was revered as sacred, all knowing, life giving wisdom. One of the most important mysteries to humanity is that of birth. Birth, fertility and sexual attraction are key elements in the survival of a family, race and generational descent. This was held in the highest of honor. Ultimately, making woman GOD herself. This was the sacred rite of the High Priest and was the only way into spiritual initiation and union. He had to be blessed by the Goddess, by the Temple Prostitute.

Persuasion and it’s ability to influence is through the art of seduction and the craft within our feminine mystic. These women, these sacred whores of old understood this art form and have passed it down to a few of us who still honor it’s wisdom and maintain it’s authority. Seduction doesn’t  always equate to SEX . However, sex is the influence of the highest order. Let us understand our creative power in FULL as women, as sexual beings. Let us use our sexual prowess and mystic for good and not for matters of deception and abuse. Let us honor the SACRED WHORE within. Give YOURSELF and your PUSSY praise. Let us say AMEN and AWOMEN! 

For more sensual sacred information concerning this topic listen to “Sacred Ho & Sacred Gigolo Show” featuring  The Honey Diva and Doc Mutwasze “The Messenger”. Also, read Merlin Stone’s book “When GOD Was a Woman.” She describes the historic religion of the Goddess. This book literally changed my life and my perception of the Sacred Whore, Goddess Wisdom and Worship.  

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