Release, Renew and Let Go!

Autumn lady

The fall equinox is HERE! The steamy hot days of the summer sun are soon behind us. Let what we have outgrown fall from our lives like autumn leaves. As this new cycle begins. Let’s be reborn. Create fertile ground as we prepare for a FULL harvest. Let’s FREE ourselves from emotional toxins and negative energy that has made some of us stale.

I love to radiate and use the color orange when I’m releasing and invoking FREEDOM from unwanted, old, and outdated feelings of disappointment. Orange is a warm, invigorating and inviting color. It is both physically and mentally stimulating, The color psychology of orange is optimistic and uplifting. Orange actually represents the fall season. It rejuvenates our spirit and is associated with our Sacral Chakra. It deals with our creativity, sexuality, relationships and pleasure. The color orange also offers emotional strength in difficult times. It helps us to bounce back from disappointments, grief and despair. It helps us to move on. When you need to release old baggage from a relationship, burn an orange candle, use a bergamot essential oil in your bath, and place a dab on your heart, and in the center of your third eye, in between your brows. Use and wear healing crystal energy such as Carnelian, Moonstone or Orange Calcite. Remember, to always declare what it is you want to be released from, and FREE yourself from unworthy past experiences.

Give away that dress that reminds you of a unhappy time, experience or a bad relationship. Toss that picture of a friend that constantly puts you down, and never has anything nice to say. Get rid of your ex’s old clothes and shoes, that you’ve stored in the garage, or the back of the closet. Get rid of that stagnant energy and make room for active, new, thriving and vigorous relationships, that bring a beautiful bounty of growth and goodness. It’s a time for RELEASE and RENEWAL.

Autumn is the season to let go of all things that are not in TRUTH or in line with your happiness. I repeat…“YOUR HAPPINESS!” OWN it, LOVE it, and LIVE it, and let it GO! You will LOVE you for it. ~ The Honey Diva”

2 thoughts on “Release, Renew and Let Go!

  1. Surya

    Beautifully said & shared! Orange is my all time favorite color for all the reasons you listed. And guess what….I bought a sexy orange very light sweater top today and a open sweater with a brown and orange mix! And gave myself deeply healing touch! What a divine affirmation our lovely piece is. Thank you goddess! 🍁🍂💚

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