Love, Money, Milk and Honey

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I hear so many women say they won’t or don’t want to accept a man’s money, under any circumstance. I have heard them say that they don’t feel right accepting money from a man because they feel as though they are prostituting themselves when they have laid down with him, and he offers to pay a bill, or an expense, or ask her how he may provide for her with something she needs or wants. Some women get offended when a  man states his desire to gift her with anything that holds any monetary value. Women have told me they feel cheap, and they don’t need a man to provide for them. That they can provide for themselves. These are things that make me go, “Hmmm!” I raise an eyebrow or two. “Why do I raise an eyebrow you ask?” Because I also hear these same women complain about there being no good men. 

I don’t care what anyone says a man having money is super sexy! Knowing how to double it up and triple stack it is such a major turn on. Being broke isn’t pretty or attractive at anytime. In order for our union to be successful, expand and grow we have to be willing to receive. 

We attract what we think and what we feel. If we think and feel there are no good men, that is what we will attract. We will attract cheap, insensitive, self-centered men, who can give a rat’s ass if we eat, if we keep our your lights on, have gas in our car, if our car note is paid, if we get to work or not, or make it to class on time, if we need toilet paper, or if we have pampered ourselves lately, and if we are feeling comfortable or not. I could go on and on. However, I personally have no problem sharing my time, space and energy with a man who loves to provide for me. A man who feels I am deserving of his money. These qualities get me all hot and bothered. He has found one very important way to stimulate my succulent center. I am full of sexual energy, and ready to reward him with all my moist, juicy goodness.

man-giving-woman-money 1A man sharing his money to honor what he feels, and who he believes to be a deserving woman is a man not only sharing his money but his wealth. I’m not just speaking of monetary wealth. I’m talking about his view of who you are in connection to his wealth, to his assets, his substance and his self-worth. It’s much deeper than the surface of what we think money represents. It has to do with his mentality, and his state of mind about what he feels he deserves when it comes to you, and what he feels you deserve when it comes to him. He has included you in his wealthy place. A real man knows that when his woman is happy she will be at her greatest potential. At her greatest potential she will inspire him and give him what he needs to develop, grow and expand. A man who is willing to share his money with you is a man who is honoring his manhood in connection to who you are as a woman, who you are as a nurturer, and your feminine ability to bring out the best in him, how you influence, and inspire him, how you make him feel when he is with you, and even how your energy makes him feel when you’re not with him. He is ultimately honoring you.

Let’s be clear! This inspiration that I speak of is stimulated through SEX! Yes, ladies I know what many of you are thinking,  “Sex and money is not something that should be exchanged. There isn’t any amount of money that equates to my pussy. It’s priceless!”

I agree! My love and my body are priceless and no amount of money can match it’s worth. This is why when a man has a serious thing for YOU he will continuously share his money, and his wealth in a variety of ways over and again. Because in his spirit that man knows he is honoring you through his worth, and a man’s worth is connected to his wallet, and his means of providing, and proving his affections. Men want SEX, support, love, encouragement and reassurance, and most of the time in that order. We have been misinformed about sex and money. “Sex is the GREAT motivator. Men will move mountains.” Quote me as saying that. It’s Yin and Yang. Male and Female. It’s Universal Law, Cosmic Order and Divine Principle. What we know to be Sacred Masculine energy releases, gives out and is action oriented, with a desire to manifest, and produce. Divine Feminine energy receives, absorbs, nurtures, develops and nourishes with a desire to multiply, and increase in and of itself, giving birth whether that be an idea, a vision, a child or our man. Yes, Ladies we are constantly using our feminine energy to rebirth our men.

man giving a woman a giftThe #1 thing we women want is SECURITY. “Security equals money.” Think about it! We want to know that we don’t have to worry about the eviction or foreclosure notice being stuck on the door next month, or that our home and place of refuge, or our comfort is being threatened.  As women most of us need to feel secure to engage in sex with a man, especially if we are contemplating having a relationship. Security brings comfort, and security and comfort brings about more sex. More great sex! When you are happy and secure you desire to have sex all the time. We stay hot and ready! Security and comfort enhances romance, happiness and pleasure. We create and experience BOMB orgasms when we feel secure. Rather it’s financial, emotional, or mental. Security equates stability. We need are men to be stable. Men need sex to thrive. . 

happy black man

A man without money can’t support his role in providing, protecting nor securing his position as THE MAN, and we can’t expect him to contribute his part if we won’t accept his money. A Real Man desires to give, and provide for the woman he professes he loves, and if he doesn’t have it he’s thinking of a means of getting it, because she is his inspiration. Just think about how happy the two of you are when you are not stressing about money issues? Ladies, don’t ever become so independent that you won’t allow a man to provide, or do for you. Even if you do have it for yourself, allow him his rightful place in being a MAN. Allow him the room to do what he is born to do. Ladies, a real man wants to spoil YOU!  Accept him in all of his generosity. Let him play his position. We can eliminate many bad, drama filled relationships if we step our game up,  increase our self worth and recognize our pussy potential. 

I feel there is no bigger turn OFF then a man having money and not releasing it, especially if he desires to release his semen all inside my hot sugar walls. I would certainly play myself small if I were to do without, and Mister is enjoying all of my creamy essence while depositing his DNA.  As the saying goes, “No romance without finance.” This is true. There is nothing good that’s going to come out of any relationship between a man and a woman if he is not responsible for his portion of the supervision. 

When it’s all said and done we can LOVE his dirty drawers, but love doesn’t keep the lights on. Love and money are a great combination. Love, SEX and money now that’s the ULTIMATE collabo! Anything is possible and can be done when in love, while enjoying the binding commitment of two souls experiencing orgasm, and working from a space of abundance. The KINGDOM & QUEENDOM of Heaven is at hand. Balance is key. Without money, there’s no milk and honey. Ladies, let him adore you. 

Want more of this “Love, Sex and Money” wisdom listen to HoneySoul Radio “Sex Love & Prosperity” with Rev. Goddess Charmaine. We discuss Sexual Energy Flow, Abundance, Prosperity, Sexual Transmutation, Wealth, and how to change our limited thinking about money. ~ The Honey Diva 

Tracey R. Bryant also known as “The Honey Diva” is a Romance Specialist, a Self Love and Sensual Empowerment Coach, Holistic Sexual Health, Yoni Steam and Kemetic Reiki Practitioner, Womb Wellness, and Sex Educator. She is the owner of Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness – a new feminine and tranquil spa experience. She is also the owner of Honey Luv Lingerie & More “The Romance Store.” A sensual empowerment boutique that promotes romance, sensual and sexual health and wellness to women and couples. She is the hostess of HoneySoul Radio a Love, Sex and Relationship online radio show. She can be contacted at

Know Thyself: To My Own Self Be True

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I’ve had women come to me and ask, “Aren’t you lonely because you’re not in a relationship?” It puzzles me why people would feel because I’m alone, that I’m lonely. Believe me, I’m far from it. I have relationships on every level with men who are fortifying and stimulating without the partnership, the marriage, or the drama. Many women think because I’m “The Honey Diva” , a sexual empowerment coach, and love connoisseur that assist women on how to create and increase their sexual pleasure that I must have a man; better yet that I must be with a man to solidify, validate and justify my sexual teachings of female pleasure and empowerment. But, truth be told I’m so good at loving me, all of me, loving me up and down, inside and out in every way that I can right now, that I’m the only one that can do it this good. I’m in love with the exploration of ME. I learned a while ago that the average relationship isn’t for me. It’s not always an easy task to meet a man who is secure enough within himself to love, and have a relationship with me, especially in my line of work. It takes a man who knows his power, and potential and is self aware in his masculinity, as well as his femininity to understand my passion and purpose. Some may be able to tolerate it, but only for a while before he demands I change.

Some men find my sexuality, freedom, empowerment, and my voice very sexy, and supportive to their image and their ego’s however I’ve been told by a few that I’m too intense, and too sophisticated. If I was seeking validation that would have made me feel inadequate. But, my self worth won’t allow it. However, every woman loves the acceptance of a man. His sacred masculine energy brings us balance and supports our feminine nature, and our roles as women. We do depend on them for this support and encouragement.

It’s my passion to assist women in recognizing and developing their self worth, and being more than enough, and loving ourselves holistically; mind, body and soul, and it’s the very thing that some of my Sista’s use against me. Some women suspect because I’m not married, or in a committed relationship I’m not worthy to teach about the sexual arts, or how to enhance your relationship. However, the first thing that enhances any love relationship is self love. You have to have some to give some, and to get some in return.  My work is to assist women in enhancing self love, sexual pleasure and to identify, awaken and restore your personal power, sexual magnetism, and to recognize your pussy potential.  I’ve experienced intimate conversations with some very beautiful, prestigious, scholarly men who speak highly of the feminine energy and it’s Universal principle, tantra and sexual healing.  As free, and charming as some of these men are the cultural and social view of how men are conditioned to perceive women as sexual objects, versus sexual beings, and inferior to masculine energy is still very pervasive within their psyche, beliefs, values and characteristics. 

Out of frustration I’ve asked myself, “Why does my being alone, and not in a committed relationship, or in a marriage constitutes that I’m lonely, and what does that belief say about us as women when we think that way of one another? I’m supposed to be desperate because I don’t choose to be in a relationship that doesn’t nourish and fortify my essence, or my soul, just for the sake of saying I’m not alone, and “I have a man?”

That’s some old Betty Wright type shit! “A piece of man is better than no man at all.” No disrespect to “Betty Wright” or the Blues. We can learn a lot from the Blues. 

All that is superficial, and on the surface. It’s societies way of dictating to women that we are not normal if we aren’t in a committed relationship. I have to ask myself, “How committed is it if I’m not living and loving to my FULLEST feminine potential with a masculine partner that doesn’t inspire this elevation?” That means I’m no longer true to myself. I’ve come to the conclusion that I may not be the marrying type, at least not in the ways and the laws of this land.

I’ve discovered that most marriages start out in love, and then become about possession, obligation, and the ownership of the person, including their thoughts, actions and deeds. I don’t desire to have a man that I’m loving organically and holistically with my mind, body and soul as my mere possession, and vice versa. I desire something that transcends gravity and elevates beyond the 3rd dimension. I desire vulnerability, integrity, movement, sexual intensity, frequency, progression, elevation, expansion, spirituality, prosperity and surrender. Most people aren’t working on that level of manifesting LOVE, performance and companionship. I am self aware, not to be confused with being self absorbed. I know and recognize that I AM feminine energy personified, in physical form. I am fertile, creative, attractive and ever abundant. I am POWERFUL and I am the most magnetic energy on the planet and in the Universe. Why would I settle for anything less than who I am?

I LOVE men. Oooh, I love my Brotha’s. They are sexy, beautiful, smart, funny, loving, strong, protective, and that masculine swagger is oh, so fine! I love my natural ability to influence, build, entice, feed and draw them to me. That makes him ever so sexy and even more beautiful. However, in sharing myself with him I won’t reduce myself nor my desire of fulfillment, or lower my voice, nor will I cool off my pussy. My pussy is HOT, juicy, soft, wet, supple and ravenous and her dexterity needs and wants what it wants! I am the whole package, and I’m working on my issues. I’m constantly improving. So, yes I deserve the same and more. My dear Sista you do too!

Take your time of solitude to work on loving you, and becoming fully self aware, working through your issues of past hurts, and releasing old relationship wounds. Yes, ladies this means self pleasure – masturbate. Know what it is you desire physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. Romance your DAMN self! This is the only way you are going to get acquainted with you. If you look at yourself as lonely because you don’t have a mate that’s a sign of desperation, and men who prey on lonely women can smell it from a mile away. As you grow in your self awareness, and begin romancing and having a love affair with yourself your standards will increase, and the drama will cease. You will begin to attract a different quality of men. Men who want to provide, and protect you. Men who will profess their love to you and for you.

When we connect I will know him because I will transform into a new level of me, with him. I will be the yin to his yang, the fire to his ice, his inspiration to his thought, his Bonnie to his Clyde, the vision to his provision. I will be all encompassing WOMAN, and through this compliment and sacred balance I will be a better, more loving, and passionate feminine sexual being, discovering more of me in this extension of love. Yes, I’m sophisticated, intense, soft, bold, voluptuous, intelligent, knowledgeable, loving, sensual, compassionate and sharp. However, I am far from being alone especially when I know exactly what it is I deserve. Now, chew on that for a minute and tell me how it taste. “Know Thyself!”  To your own self  BE true.

For sensual and feminine Womb wellness visit Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness a new feminine, and tranquil spa experience providing women with an exclusive experience in feminine care, detox, and pampering to the womb through Herbal Infused Yoni Steaming. It’s self love at it’s best.

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The Honey Diva

The Healing Wisdom of Water and Your Sexual Soul

Woman taking a bath

The Elders knew what they were speaking of when they said, “Wade in the water, God’s going to trouble the water.” The old folk knew the significance and the wisdom of the water and release. Baptism is symbolic of that womb time experience and even coined as being “REBORN”. Spirit incubates and emerges from the water of the womb, and our physical bodies are formed. As we develop and are released from water we become Earth beings however always returning to our connection to water for nutrients, cleansing, hydration, purification and wisdom. Going back to the wisdom of water for purification is very important and needed, and without this relationship we will cease to exist. Water rituals keep us grounded and are necessary in removing emotional imbalance, unwanted stress, energetic and physical toxins as well as bringing feelings of renewal, peace, comfort and calm. 

Sexual energy and orgasm also generate waters. In Tantra waters from the male known as semen or Bindu, is life force waters, and from the female known as Amrita, the sweet nectar of blessed waters of immortality. Within every orgasm or sexual and spiritual energy exchange there is consciousness that contains character attributes and elements of personality. As lovers we release this energy during sexual exchange leaving deposits and imprints of ourselves within the deepest recesses of our lover’s mind, body and soul. That’s why many times it’s so hard for many of us to shake an ex lover who may have been toxic and unhealthy. Our sexual energy exchange goes deep into the core of our being, and is transmitted through the spirit and water. However, water in combination with intent, prayer, meditation, crystals and essential oils, is a great method for releasing old unwanted sexual energy in that it deals with clearing, cleansing and removing sexual blockage, and toxic residual energy of past lovers from our three lower houses known as our grounding chakras. The Root Chakra houses our survival energy, and deals with our ability to feel safe and secure. The Sacral Chakra houses our sexual energy, our intuition and our creativity. Our Solar Plexus Chakra houses our energy of emotions, appetite and our will power. Cleansing and releasing chakra blockages from these three energy centers can remove unwanted energetic memory, and increase our ability to move on, and move through unwanted stagnation and open ourselves up into healthy expansion in our other relationships, and into our blessings of purpose, and abundance.

Essential and aromatic oils of lavender, chamomile, and rose, are for grounding on a physical and emotional level, and used to release fear on a cellular level. Essential oils such as cedarwood, clary sage, patchouli, rosewood and sandalwood are typical root chakra oils, and assist in grounding our spiritual energy and bring us back to focus and clarity.

With this cleansing ritual you always want to speak your intent and give thanks to the omnipotent presence and wisdom of water. Fill your foot basin or bath tub with water and add a 1/2 cup of witch hazel, a 1/2 cup of sea salt, and 6 to 10 drops of essential oil into your foot tub our bath of fresh warm water. You can also use this ritual as a spiritual bath by immersing your whole body for purification and release. Include crystal stones such as; Quartz Crystal, and/or Red Jasper, Bloodstone, Orange Calcite or Black Obsidian to your water to heighten the vibration. Their qualities and attributes assist us to re-group our energies and dispel accumulated negative vibrations allowing for protection, clarity, balance and equilibrium within the mind, body and soul. 

Add flowers such as rose petals for added frequency. Place your feet to the water and soak. You may want to burn resin incense of Copal, Sandalwood and Myrrh, and/or burn a candle. Incense represent the element of air, and candles represent the element of fire. Now, you have all of the elements present in your healing and release. This will connect you to utilizing a dimension that is very specific to healing and grounding your mind, body and physical space. Clear your mind and tell the Universe your intent and what you need to remove from your life. Keep your feet and/or body submersed a minimum 20 or 30 minutes until you feel light as a feather. 

Remove your crystals and dump the water in the toilet and visualize flushing your worries and the residue from an ex lover, or a bad experience down the drain. Only use your foot basin for your feet to water ritual. When removing toxins you want to be sure not to transfer the energy in other areas of your life by using the basin for additional purposes. Add a few drops of essential oil to your body and/or foot cream and massage lovingly and tell yourself positive affirmations. 

Continue to do this water ritual as many times as you like to remain and stay grounded. Just remember to remove and detox negativity regularly. Speak life into yourself and your environment. Get rid of old clothes, photos and personal effects that keep you contained mentally and emotionally by the power of thought. Reverse unhealthy messages that block your health and emotional wellness. Live, breathe and laugh in your juicy flow, and expect to receive your breakthrough.  

For sensual and feminine Womb wellness visit Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness a new feminine, and tranquil spa experience providing women with an exclusive experience in feminine care, detox, and pampering to the womb through Herbal Infused Yoni Steaming, Womb Massage, Crystal Foot Baths & Detox, Crystal Energy Healing and Clearing, and Kemetic Reiki. We support womb health,  education, wellness, and feminine rejuvenation.  

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Vagina Flower

Say these affirmations out loud while holding your hand tenderly over your Yoni. Let’s Heal. 

I am a sensual, sexual, orgasmic being. 
My womb is the center of my creation.
My Yoni is a beautifully moist happy village. 
I will serve her kindly.
I will forgive myself for any hurt I have caused her.
I will forgive myself for my choices that go against her health.
I will not run and hide from her.
She is the source of who I am.
I will take a mirror and reflect her goodness back to me.
I will give her daily affirmations of her beauty and wisdom.
I will not be afraid.
I will expose my higher self.
I will exercise a higher love and honor my Sacred space.

The Honey Diva

For sensual and feminine Womb wellness visit Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness a new feminine, and tranquil spa experience. We are committed to providing women with an exclusive experience in feminine care, and pampering to the Womb and Yoni for health, wellness, and feminine rejuvenation.  

Remember when creating that intimate rendezvous with your lover Honey Luv has all of your boudoir sexcessories. Visit our website at  Honey Luv Lingerie & More “The Romance Store” or contact us at 337.944.9131 Like us on Facebook  and follow us on Twitter @TheHoneyDiva. For your sensual soul listen to our radio show on Tuesday evenings at 9 pm CST on HoneySoul Radio on Blog Talk Radio.  Remember to “Live in the sensual and LOVE in the Delicious.”

Sex, Energy and Divine Balance

Adam & Eve


The idea that MALE and FEMALE energy functions independently and are separate has caused a great deal of confusion, a lack of communication, support and sexual cohesiveness among men and women. I have learned that because of the essential nature of MALE and FEMALE energies, and the fact that they are intertwined, they can only fulfill their FULLEST potential in cooperation. Everything in existence is fueled by both MALE and FEMALE energies, and everything in nature possesses both energies which are present and are coexistent.

The MALE energy is outwardly focused and very EXTERNAL. It’s the Spirit that drives outward manifestation, that materializes and takes form. The MALE energy is an electro force in that it releases energy, and therefore it knows and is aware of it’s strong creative force. It is natural for MALE energy to be highly focused, aggressive and goal-oriented. MALE energy creates individuality.

FEMALE energy is INTERNAL. It’s energy is comforting. It is the energy of the Primal Source, the Flowing Light, Pure Being. It’s energy is attractive, magnetic, highly creative, fertile and abundant source. It has the ability to influence and draw things to itself. It receives and absorbs the inner aspect of all things MALE and FEMALE. It gives birth to the spirit of ideas, visions, and nurtures consciousness. It’s natural for FEMALE energy to be intense and magnetic having the ability to draw MALE energy to itself. It does not differentiate or individualize. The FEMALE energy is all encompassing.

MALE or FEMALE energy may dominate an experience with more of an increased level of  frequency than the other, due to the speed at which it’s essence vibrates toward a propelled purpose this is often times predestined. When we operate from a place of simple lust without thought and compassion, and are unaware of the power and potency of MALE and FEMALE energy we create chaos and confusion that is damaging to ourselves, our creative nature, our connection to source; as well as our ability to manifest like the SUPREME sexual, orgasmic, and creative beings that we are meant to be.

Due to the FEMININE energy being viewed and nurtured as a lesser source, a lack of balance and creative instability exist. The FEMININE must be honored as well as the MASCULINE for a holistic BALANCE in all relationships rather they are physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and/or sexual. We must operate from a space of female acknowledgement, LOVE and SUPPORT for the FEMININE in respect of both energies working equally as a DIVINE unit and complimenting one to the other as a WHOLE, and not as separate energies. Then and only then will we receive authentic SEXUAL intercourse, communication and gratification on a metaphysical level, and create the KING and QUEENDOM of HEAVEN right here on EARTH. Only then will we WO-MANIFEST GOD! 

For more wisdom and information on the subject of Sexual Alchemy, Attraction and Gender listen to HoneySoul Radio archive show. We are joined by Kemetic Scholar, Martial Arts Master, Sexual Alchemist and Pranic Healer, Wayne B. Chandler. He is the internationally known author of the acclaimed book, “Ancient Future: The Teachings and Prophetic Wisdom of the Seven Hermetic Laws of Ancient Egypt.” It’s Universal Wisdom of the Ancestors.

Remember when creating that intimate rendezvous with your lover Honey Luv has all of your boudoir sexcessories. Visit our website at  Honey Luv Lingerie & More “The Romance Store” or contact us at 337.944.9131 Like us on Facebook  and follow us on Twitter @TheHoneyDiva. For your sensual soul listen to our radio show on Tuesday evenings at 9pm CST on HoneySoul Radio on Blog Talk Radio.  Remember to “Live in the sensual and LOVE in the Delicious.”

~ The Honey Diva