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Your Orgasm Is Your Responsibility! Say What?

Touch yourself

How many women and men feel it’s alright to self pleasure (masturbate) while in a relationship? Or do you feel your sexual pleasure is the full responsibility of your lover? Did you know you are 90% responsible for your orgasm? Yes, and the other 10% is based on attraction, visual aesthetics, environment and other stimulating factors.

I’ve come to terms with my pleasure being my responsibility with or without my lover.  It’s my orgasm and I own it!  Now, I do enjoy our intimacy, and the warmth of his body, and every stimulating touch and deep stroke. Yes, I do, and because I do I relieve him of always having to be available to my pleasure, and allow him time to restore himself for those times I need and crave him the most, which is often enough. Plus, self pleasure is just oh so healthy, and a form of self love that I can’t deny myself the opportunity, nor the pleasure to touch myself, and to enjoy and experience all of me in full orgasmic abundance.  I would hate to put all of the responsibility of my orgasm on my lover. I want no pressure on his part when it comes to pleasing me! It can be quite overwhelming, and extremely pressing on the relationship as a whole, depending on your lover for your total orgasmic sensations. I want him to desire me, because his need for me has arisen from the deep recesses of his soul, and his scrotum, not because he feels obligated to do me, because it’s his duty, or my right. Hell, to the naw! 

Finding pleasure and joy with myself is a great way to celebrate me, and feed myself, and build my love arsenal in order to have some more good lovin’ to share. Sexually stimulating and pleasuring myself opens me up to new feelings of desire, and awakens my sexual energy, my joy, my fantasy and my creativity. I utilize my self pleasure as a sex magic ritual. Breathing, and meditating. Visualizing a higher love. Releasing moans of oooh’s, om’s and ahhh’s while speaking to the lover in me. Calling forth the love I deserve and desire in building our relationship forward. It’s a great way to reaffirm my love for myself, and my role as a desirable woman. It’s confirmation that I’m alive and a sensual, loving and sexual being, FULL of juicy goodness in the center of my knowing, in the center of my sweet spot. Don’t deny your pleasures. Self pleasure creates access to a whole new world available to you. It’s opens portals to your abundance, and increases your love bank giving you more than enough to share as your pleasure cup runneth over. You and your lover can let go of your inhibitions, and experience multiple orgasmic sensations that reach a higher level of awareness with no shame, no guilt, just intimacy, and ecstasy. Raise some pressure up off your relationship. Touch yourself, and think about how beautiful you are in the moment. There’s love, healing  and expansion there. Men know this! It’s an unwritten rule. They believe in stroking themselves when we aren’t around ladies, and we should too!

Tracey R. Bryant is a sensual woman, lover, Mother and G-Mama known as “The Honey Diva”. She is a Self Love and Sensual Empowerment Coach, of Honey Luv Lingerie & More “The Romance Store. and Feminine Health and Womb Wellness Practitioner of Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness . She loves all things feminine and sensual and she believes that feminine wellness, and creativity resides in the healing and balance of the Divine Feminine, “the Womb.” She is the hostess of HoneySoul Radio  a Love, Sex and Soul online radio show. She can be contacted at

Love and The Spirit of Intuition

Beautiful 1Photo credit: Maximushka

Do you know how many of us ask our spirit intuition a question and don’t trust in the answer? Your intuition is your sweet sacred spot of divine knowing. It’s a gateway to your higher self. It’s that whisper that signals your heart. Many of us ignore it because it’s not often times practical. Your spirit intuition works as a  life coach, psychic or oracle. Your spirit intuition is just that “Your inner oracle.” Its your GUIDE! It moves from question to solution in 0 to 5 seconds and it comes as a feeling, a hunch, a nudge, a word or a thought in your spirit.

Our bodies are energy conduits and receives messages from our MOST HIGH source when we are tapped in and wired for sound. Meditation is a great way to develop your capacity for connecting to spirit intuition. Feeding and nourishing our bodies with organic live whole foods is also a great source of energizing and intensifying our senses, making us more sensitive to receiving our answers and messages.

Our senses is how our spirit intuition speaks to us. It’s through sight and vision often times in our dreams. Certain smells and aromas can spark thoughts. The art of touch, the laying of hands holds and transfers energy. The ability to hear with our hearts and spirits brings on feelings and empathic energy. Speaking and channeling communication from our spirit selves, and even communicating with our ancestors, or celestial beings brings messages of direction. This form of communication can move and motivate us to higher aspirations and elevated levels of love and experience. Thorough the transmission of our senses is how we are giving the ability to communicate with our higher selves. It’s often times what we call GOD and/or GODDESS.

One of the many reasons we find ourselves in bad situations and many toxic and love less relationships is because in many cases we never ask our spirit intuition for help or guidance. We may have even gotten a nudge, a hunch, a vision, a word and/or a sign of some kind and ignored it all together. However, our spirit of intuition is very powerful and is our deepest connection to TRUTH in our inner and outer worlds.

Try this: If you have a decision to make then imagine the two alternatives. Step into the first option, imagine it in your mind. What do you see? feel? hear? sense? believe? What are your thoughts in that moment? If you feel lightness, peace and joy then TRUST YOURSELF! This is a good choice for you. If you feel fear, hesitation, and that strong feeling in the pit of your stomach that signals something isn’t right then TRUST YOURSELF! This may not be the best choice for you!

You can also do the same when dating. Spirit intuition works better than any dating site. We can tap into this portal of sacred guidance whenever we open our hearts and replace fear with love.

Try this: Before going on a first date write down your date’s name and place your hand over it. Close your eyes and do a short meditation and quiet your mind. Now, ask yourself… “Is this person good for my spirit?” Ask to feel their energy. If the energy you feel of the person makes you smile and you become light hearted and happy, that’s a YES from your spirit intuition. Your higher self is telling you that this person will be a loving presence in your life. If the energy you feel revs up your sexual nature, and elevates thoughts of sensual, sexual touch that’s telling you what the focus of this relationship will be. Look forward to having great sexual experiences. Oooh, la, la!

If the energy feels bad and is in the pit of your stomach and you feel anxious, or nauseous, and get a feeling that is uncomfortable or uneasy, cancel the date. If you don’t feel a warm loving energy in your heart, that resonates through your body while picturing and feeling this person’s energy, this probably won’t be a FULL filling or productive relationship on any account. The spirit of intuition operates from a space of  LOVE.

So, when you ask – ask specifically, ask with LOVE and without expectation, ask without projecting fear or negative emotions, and ask like you expect to receive an answer! You will hear that internal voice that sounds much like YOU! Now, all you have to do is LISTEN and OBEY to what LOVE has to say.

“Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.” (Luke, 11:7)

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